Rebecca Mayes wrote her first song up a tree in the rolling Kent countryside at the age of 16. A hundred songs later she moved to Devon to study Literature at Exeter University. In a strange sequence of happenings she was offered an unusual job writing songs for The Escapist Magazine, a website who review video-games.

Neither a gamer nor a critic Rebecca wrote subversive songs-critiques on the violence and misogyny of video-game culture, with a quirky folktronica sound. Writing and recording each song (accompanied by a video) in a week forced Rebecca into songwriting, production and video-editing bootcamp that won her attention, acclaim, and the most unlikely of fans.

Commissioned by Charlie Brooker to write a song for his BBC program 'Gameswipe' and receiving accolades in the Independent and the Observer, Rebecca established herself as a singer/songwriter with imagination and intelligence, prepared to go a never-before-ventured route.

Now she's applied everything she learnt to writing songs that are truer to her heart. Inspired largely by literature and myth her songs are full of wolves and other creatures. 'I'm interested in sensuality, the wild and female power,' she says. 'I grew up a vicar's daughter wondering what feminine spirituality looks like.' Many of the songs focus on the courage it takes to live out one's potential.

Rebecca is currently recording her new material and performing across Europe as part of the IC Music Programme. She lives in Devon (UK).